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What Makes Locally Brewed Craft Coffee Better?

what makes locally brewed craft coffee better

Here at Honeylu’s, we pride ourselves on the best local craft coffee in Prosper, TX. We have patrons that come from miles around like McKinney and North Dallas for a cup. But what does that mean? We understand that is a bold claim. So, what makes locally brewed craft coffee better than getting coffee from a national chain or even brewing a cup of coffee at home?

First, we need to look at what is craft coffee. Unless you’re a coffee connoisseur, the term “craft coffee” may not be something you have heard before. The term “craft” brings up mental images of a highly skilled artisan who can transform the mundane into art. Craft coffee refers to the pursuit of making a cup of high-quality or “craft” coffee. That starts with choosing the right coffee beans to roast, to the skill it takes in transforming what would be a mundane cup of coffee to an experience.

That skill in transforming a cup of coffee into an experience means approaching how to brew a cup of coffee in a different fashion. Here at Honeylu’s, we approach the brewing process as a culinary art. We find that “sweet spot” during the roasting process. This precision process and art is designed to fully develop the sweetness of the coffee without burning the natural sugars in the beans. We focus on how subtle changes to grind settings, water temperatures, and contact times impact the taste of your coffee. This whole process is approached with the same care and love as a master chief does with fine dining experience.

The story of what is craft coffee and why it tastes better also includes connecting the drinker of the coffee with the whole story of the cup of coffee. That includes connecting the dots between coffee farmers, importers, roasters, baristas, co-ops, and drinkers. Local craft coffee brewers are making it easy for consumers to understand their coffee.

To further this understanding, here at Honeylu’s we have coffee classes. That includes a deep dive into various flavor profiles stemming from different growing regions, varietals, altitudes, and processing techniques from coffees grown in the “Coffee Belt” around the world.

What makes Honeylu’s unique is we bring this high-quality artesian approach to creating coffee flavors and make accessible and approachable to everyone. Honeylu’s Coffee goal first and foremost is to create an environment where craft coffee is presented in an approachable manner to all who walk through the door. We aim never to ostracize or belittle those who may lack the culinary knowledge that we, and some our patrons, hold. Whether you know the story of how coffee it grown, or the roasting process to get flavors, or just looking to get a really good cup of coffee to start your day you are always welcome here at Honeylu’s.

To tie this all together what makes locally brewed craft coffee better is the process, care, and artistry to develop a cup coffee that is an experience more than just getting that jolt of caffeine. The experience ties taste with the story of a truly good cup of coffee. It is our mission here at Honeylu’s to bring that coffee experience to every coffee drinker that walks in our doors here in Prosper, TX or walks up to our coffee truck, the Speedy Bean.