Our Story

The Honeylu's Story


The story of Honeylu’s Coffee is inspired by one of our first “fur children,” a Dachshund named Speedy for his whimsical and carefree attitude, and his love of running at “bullet speed.”

Speedy burst into our lives during a time of great personal struggle and brought with him joy, vitality, and unconditional love – truly becoming the sunshine in our momentarily dreary world.
Years later as Speedy became deaf and blind the addition of sister Honeylu helped to ease both his physical and our emotional pain. She became his eyes and ears; comforting and taking care of him in his time of need, very much the same way he had been there for us many years before.
In the course of our lives we have run into a multitude of people who shared a similar story of joy and excitement on how their “fur children” found them, and the positive impact they made in their lives. Story after story we saw a consistent narrative of unconditional love and loyalty from these noble canines, and learned of the life-changing impact people received in becoming a “fur parent”.
When Speedy passed away, he left behind so many wonderful memories, and his memory continues to live on not only in our family, but here in this coffee shop. We wish to bring not only joy into the lives of those who come into our café, but embody the spirit of Speedy and deliver an exceptional product with urgency and efficiency. Moreover, because we know firsthand the positive impact animals have in our human lives, Honeylu’s Coffee is dedicated to donating a portion of the coffee sale proceeds to help animals in shelters find their forever homes.
The German philosopher Immanual Kant once said, “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” Here at Honeylu’s Coffee we believe that our heart is best judged by the ways in which we aim to help animals in need while simultaneously delivering an exceptional product and the best possible customer service to our patrons. While you don’t need to be an animal lover to enjoy a cup of our excellent coffee, cold-pressed juice, or health-minded munchies, know that by being a part of this company you are making a positive impact not only in the lives of animals, but people as well. We are more than just great coffee, in fact, we embody the greatness in coffee by using coffee as a catalyst to affect change for a better tomorrow in the world.

Philosophy & Culture

Honeylu’s Coffee goal first and foremost is to create an environment where 3rd Wave Specialty Coffee is presented in an approachable manner to all who walk through the door. We aim never to ostracize or belittle those who may lack the culinary knowledge that we, and some our patrons, hold.
Rather, the goal is to create an environment where all people (and pooches) are welcome to enjoy the highest culinary execution of coffee, cold-pressed juices, and a selection of health-minded munchies, and receive not only open arms when they walk through the door, but also speedy service so that they can enjoy our carefully crafted products conveniently and efficiently

The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.