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New Coffee Shop Location in Van Alstyne

new coffee shop location in Van Alstyne

Right off Highway 75 between McKinney and Sherman sits the town of Van Alstyne, Texas. It’s known to locals as one of the best small towns in Texas to raise a family. We love that small town charm, so we’re proud to announce the grand opening of our new Honeylu’s location in Van Alstyne. You can find us at 990 W. Van Alstyne Pkwy, Van Alstyne, TX 75495.

If you have followed us for a little bit, you might remember we had a location in McKinney, TX inside the Craig Ranch Fitness building. Unfortunately, that building was acquired by a big box gym, which left us eager to find a new location to serve our locally brewed craft coffee.

So, when we saw this opportunity, we quickly jumped on the chance to establish our new coffee shop in Van Alstyne, TX. We are so excited to bring our love and passion of single brew, third wave craft coffee to Van Alstyne, TX in an approachable and comfortable setting.

First wave coffee is your basic gas station or diner brew. Then came second wave coffee chains like Starbucks, who serve mass-produced coffee in customer-friendly spaces where people can relax or get some work done. Third wave coffee is unique, where there is a focus on the quality of the coffee as well as the story of the coffee. That is also why we call it craft coffee. For us, that starts with choosing the right coffee beans to roast, then focusing on the skill it takes to transform what would be a mundane cup of coffee into a memorable experience.

What makes Honeylu’s unique is our approachability to third wave craft coffee. There are plenty of coffee shops in Texas that sell decent cups of coffee. However, when you’re looking for that perfect cup of craft brewed coffee, its difficult to find a coffee shop that actually knows what they’re doing. We believe in sharing that expertise in a friendly way so that the casual coffee drinker can enjoy a cup of craft coffee without the judgement from snooty baristas. 

Our philosophy and goal is to create an environment where all people (and pooches) are welcome to enjoy the highest culinary execution of coffee, cold-pressed juices, and a selection of health-minded munchies with speedy service in a convenient and welcoming atmosphere.

Whether you’re in the neighborhood or just driving though, we’d like to invite you to come try out our new coffee shop in Van Alstyne, TX. We can’t wait to meet all our new neighbors and serve them great coffee, cold-pressed juices, and great health minded food!