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What Makes a Great Local Coffee Shop

what makes a great local coffee shop

Local coffee shops have some great advantages over big coffee chains. The most notable difference is the welcoming and friendly atmosphere that locals cherish. Whether you’re going to meet up with friends, or you’re getting some much-needed quiet time during the week, a local coffee shop is a cozy and relaxing option for all. So, what makes a great local coffee shop? Here are 5 reasons why local coffee shops beat corporate coffee chains. 


A friendly and inviting atmosphere should be the hallmark of any good local coffee shop. From there, it’s up to the coffee shop owner and staff to set the tone and atmosphere of the coffee shop. Some local coffee shops focus on being more a place for those to come and work in a different environment can do so and feel productive. Other coffee shops have a relaxed vibe where you can enjoy coffee and maybe even some art. What you don’t want is a local coffee shop that feels like you are just another number. The allure of a local coffee shop is not just great craft coffee, but also how the coffee shop’s atmosphere makes you feel.

Friendly Staff

The staff of a coffee shop can make or break the whole experience. Some boutique coffee shops can come across a bit elitist. Here at Honeylu’s Coffee, we’re very selective with our staff and only hire friendly and welcoming folks that never ostracize or belittle those who may lack the culinary knowledge that we do. Our goal is to answer any questions you have about our craft coffee or any of the delicious food that we prepare. We want our customers to feel like family!

Good Coffee

We are talking about coffee shops, so this may seem obvious, but it still bears mentioning. One of the hallmarks of a good coffee shop is, what else, great coffee. There are plenty of large chain coffee shops that sell decent coffee. But for those who are looking for specialty craft coffee, local coffee shops are the place to be. Here at Honeylu’s Coffee, we serve single-brew craft coffee that keeps our customers coming back for more. 

Community involvement

In order to have a really great local coffee shop experience, the term “local” should mean more than just the location. There is just something special about going to a local coffee shop that gives back to the community they serve. Whether it’s local events, or supporting local businesses and artisans, a respectable local coffee shop should be engaged with the community it serves. If you want to see what type of local community involvement we do, check out our post Supporting the Local Community.

 Free Internet Access

Another point that may seem obvious, been really does affect the whole local coffee shop experience is free internet access. Whether you go to a local coffee shop to work or just listen to some great music, if you don’t have good internet access it can ruin the whole experience. Here at Honeylu’s we understand being able to access the internet for whatever your needs are is extremely important. 

Here at Honeylu’s, we feel we have all the ingredients for a great local coffee shop. Come check out our coffee shop in Prosper TX or our brand new location in an Alstyne, TX.