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5 reasons to support local coffee shops

5 reasons to support local coffee shops

Coffee shops are a great place to get …well coffee, as well as a bite to eat. It can be a landscape dominated by national chains and it can be tempting to get your coffee fix from one of these national chains. Yet, there are reasons to shop small and support your local coffee shop. Here are 5 reasons to support local coffee shops.

Supporting Other Local Businesses

In our previous blog, we highlighted local businesses and organizations that we partner with, including the SPCA. When you go to a local coffee shop, you are not just supporting that coffee shop but the businesses and organizations that coffee shop is connected with. Many locally-owned coffee houses will help other small businesses by letting them promote and sell their products within the coffee shop’s walls.

Boosts Local Economy

When you buy from a big business, very little of each purchase goes to those who work there. The rest goes elsewhere in the country or even worldwide. When you shop local, more of the profits stay in the community. When you buy from a local coffee shop, you are helping secure someone’s income in your community. You are also creating more job opportunities within the communities. Local business tends to be more open to hiring those that don’t fit a mold that was created by a Human Resources department at central office.

Customer Service

This is not to say that national chains do not have good customer service. However, when you buy from a local coffee shop, the owners and employees are a little more invested in the community, so you tend to get a better experience. Owners know their business lives and dies by reputation. They don’t have the luxury of being too big to fail. Add in that most local coffee shop owners, ourselves included, love where they are located and the people that come in the door. The care and compassion for each customer is genuinely real.

The Love of Coffee

Local coffee shops like ours love coffee! Not just drinking it, but everything from where it was sourced and how it was grown, to the roasting process right down to serving it to you. We, and other coffee shop owners, bring a passion for coffee that is hard to find at a national chain.


If you go to one national chain coffee shop in Prosper, it’s going to be pretty much the same experience as going to that same chain’s shop in South Dallas, or even Austin or Houston. There really is not much difference in their shops no matter where you go. Local coffee shops like Honeylu’s offers unique experiences. For example, we are all about fur babies. If you read our story, our coffee truck is named after one of ours. We have a patio where fur babies are welcome and even have a couple of drinks on the menu for fur babies. So, when you visit a local coffee shop like ours, you get experiences that are hard to find anywhere else.

At Honeylu’s, you are more than a name on a cup of coffee. We look forward to each and every person that walks through our doors and look to build lasting relationships with many of our customers.